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Connie Reid is a communications specialist whose focus is promotional campaigns and branding.

Connie is a fashion creative specifically specialising in fashion marketing, graphic design and content creation. Connie’s work is based upon authentic marketing tack ticks, she aims to give her work a relevant and fresh perspective taking inspiration from current social and cultural issues, consumer behaviour and trends echoed on social media. This is highlighted in her final graduate project; an empowerment campaign dedicated to influencing young people to be their true authentic selves, though self love, self confidence and self expression.


Bringing a high level of dedication and enthusiasm into every project, from developing a narrative for a shoot to being confident enough to create and produce original, exciting concepts for brands and briefs.


Moving forward, Connie aims to pursue an industry role within fashion marketing, creating innovative, forward-thinking concepts, whilst developing her skills in graphic design, social media, content creation and campaign management.

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